Why People are easily fooled

Monday, September 04, 2006

Why People are easily fooled

Why People are easily fooled.
by Norma Holt

Ignorance is bliss someone once wrote but it also extremely dangerous.

In a world of terrorism, environmental catastrophe, death causing diseases, overpopulation and all the other things currently happening before our eyes who gives a damn? Isn't it more the case that people are so complacent about the things they have been taught that they feel powerless to override anything or anyone. Anyone, that is, except me so it seems.

Because of my web sites and the claims of my memory of reincarnation I am subjected to ridicule and abuse. That's not new and it frankly affects me little because I do have memory from before I was born and I do have the Spirit leading and guiding me. Does that make me self-righteous or justify my anxiety to get the job done and leave this world for good? I think so! I never enjoyed the prospect of returning to life but a job had to be done and I am the one chosen to do it.

Abuse aimed at someone like me shows ignorance about the issues at hand. Religion gets away with terrorism, hate,abuse and murder because people will not expand their thinking to take in the possibility that religious leaders are the biggest crooks in the world. Because of their claims that they speak for God and are somehow sanctified by rituals people fall prey to their dogma and are suppressed by ignorance, illogical teachings, and so on. Is it wrong of me to continue to undo the lies they promote.

My knowledge has not come from reading books on what others think about God but from the Spirit and memory of reincarnation along with the many visions and prophecies I have experienced. Certainly it is a shock and a challenge to most because they have not heard these things before and are brainwashed by religion against them. What I know to be fact causes me pain and anguish because of the way the real God is abused, caste out and made into something akin to man.

God promised that in the end IT will retaliate and bring about retribution for the pain man has caused and for the destruction he willingly commits.

There is one Spirit God and those who are spiritual belong to it, and they know who they are. Worldly goods and man's ways are not part of it and money has no meaning in the scheme of things. My work has nothing to do with wealth or anything other than trying to get through to people that they need to change their ways. Perhaps I am not doing it in the best way to suit everybody's taste but there are enough' spiritual' people to make my web sites worthwhile and my life justified.

My comments are from the heart and my messages are honest and sincere. If they give offence to anyone I am sorry for them because they cannot open their minds enough to see what is right before their eyes. God promised that in the end (and we are fast approaching that time) all things will be known and the lies of religion will be overturned. That this burden has fallen on my shoulders to do is my lifelong commitment.

Anyone who doubts what I say should look at the prophecies in the Old Testament and referred to on all my sites. All I do is work for the Spirit to overturn those lies and fulfill the job I have been given.

Why me? Why not me? Could anyone else do it better? Has anyone else been prepared for it? Would anyone else want it?

God bless

Norma Holt